Lynbrook - Cloud CFO Accounting and Financial Management Services

LynbrookFS Value Proposition


LynbrookFS is an accounting and finance firm that exists to serve businesses that do not have a full time CFO or finance/ accounting team. We use our financial expertise to help business owners focus on the area that will achieve optimal results. Our finance team is committed to their craft and is excited to provide the highest quality service to business owners.

We help CEOs business owners achieve the best business strategies by using several tools and reporting:


  1. Cash flow forecasting - We have found that most small business owners stresses come from not understanding and having a handle on cash flow. We seek to eliminate this stress and barrier for the CEO.
  2. Operational Reporting - We establish reporting to help the business owner understand the direction the business is heading. We also focus on data integrity to ensure that what is being reported is correct.
  3. Forecasting/Budget planning - LynbrookFS works with the customer to establish accurate budgeting and creating forecasts for cash flow, demand, balance sheet, and CAPEX.
  4. Benchmarking - Once operational reporting has been established, LynbrookFS will analyze these reports, and provide the CEO with the relevant information that is needed to make important business decisions.
  5. Strategic Analytics - What makes LynbrookFS different is our experience with business intelligence and analytics. We use the data, we validate the data, and then we provide accurate road maps for the client to achieve his goals.