Lynbrook - Cloud CFO Accounting and Financial Management Services

Customized Package Models

Yes! We can work with your budget and custom financial needs!


LynbrookFS pricing models are very simple and easy to understand. For the majority of our clients, we operate on a fixed monthly rate. However, there are certain situations and circumstances where the hourly or transaction rate may be the best option for your business. We will assist you in finding the best plan that is right for you, and tailor it to the services you need.

There are a few other parameters that determine the pricing of our CFO/accounting services. Each quote and assessment we provide is thoroughly evaluated and our clients will receive a breakdown of our competitive pricing. We will then give you an assessment which is based on factors that may include time taken and length of a project. Lynbrook will give you a good pricing structure to ensure that you are able to get the best service, and quality of work. Our goal is to concentrate on the accounting while you concentrate your business.


Hourly Rate

This applies to projects that have a specific time frame and duration.



Project Rate

We assess and price each project individually and provide our clients with the cost and the estimated timeline it will take to complete the project. This pricing model can be advantageous for clients who prefer paying upfront for the service instead of relying on the estimated cost at the hourly billing rate.


Transaction Rate

This rate applies to clients that require assistance with high volume projects. Clients who exceed a certain level of transactions may be eligible for a reduced transaction rate.

Monthly Rate

This rate applies to clients who will require ongoing accounting services beyond a project or specific duration. It may also be used for CFO and Controller services.