Lynbrook - Cloud CFO Accounting and Financial Management Services

Our Pricing Models and Packages



Hourly Rate

This would apply to projects that have a specific time frame and duration.


Project Rate

We assess each project individually and would be able to give you more information on the time and cost. This pricing structure gets the client away from the hourly billing that happen with accounting functions such as billing.

Yes! We can work with your budget and custom financial needs!

Lynbrook Financial's pricing models are very simple and easy to understand. We operate on a fixed pricing per month - where you get a CFO, Controller, or an accountant. Lynbrook also works on a transaction basis or on an hourly basis if the project is not going to be a long duration. We will work out a plan that is right for you, and tailored to the services that you need.

There are a few other parameters that determine the pricing of our CFO/accounting services. Each quote and assessment we provide is thoroughly evaluated and we will give you a break down of our competitive pricing. We will then give you an assessment which is based on factors that may include time taken and length of a project. Lynbrook will give you a good pricing structure to ensure that you are able to get the best service, and quality of work. Our goal is to concentrate on the numbers while you concentrate on the business.

Transaction Rate

High volume projects. We offer discounts for high levels of volume from the business.


Monthly Rate

This rate would be appealing for clients that have more than one need from Lynbrook. It may also be used for CFO and Controller services.