Lynbrook - Cloud CFO Accounting and Financial Management Services Overview

Financial Services Overview

Lynbrook Financial offers finance as well as accounting functions for business. If you are looking at acquiring a company, require a business evaluation, need forecasts, or need representation for financing with banks or private equity, we can help! We have experience within all of these areas. Our financial services can give you the data and reporting you need to be successful.

One of the reasons businesses fail is through lack of preparation and planning. The finance function enables the owners to have a pulse on the health of the company. We offer that expertise and guidance and can help you chart your road map to success.


Lynbrook Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst:

Lynbrook offers financial analysts and business intelligence analysts that can perform deep dives into financials. The financial analyst will give you monthly reporting on your company and will provide recommendations.


Lynbrook Financial - Ad Hoc Financial Services

AD HOC Engagements:

Financial projects and development of forecasts (budget and cash flow) can be completed by one of our financial analysts. If you have a one time finance project that you need completed, get in touch and one of our financial analysts will be happy to talk you through the project and develop a strategy to complete it in good time.


Lynbrook Financial Analyst

Accountant & Bookkeeping:

  1. Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system.
  2. Create and review the controls needed for data accumulation and reporting systems.
  3. Data Input, and bank reconciliation.
  4. Accounts Payable/ Receivable.
  5. Collections and cash flow.


Lynbrook Financail Services - Fund Raising Services

Turn Around Services:

There are a number of early warning signs that indicate financial problems within a company. Being aware of these signals can help prevent losses.


Lynbrook Financail Services - Accounting System Design & Optimization

Accounting Systems Design & Optimization:

Whether you are starting-up or running an already established business, we can either help you designing the whole new accounting system or Improve the existing one after analyzing the existing one.


Lynbrook Financail Services - Customized Management Reporting

Customized Management Reporting

Advanced management reporting to improve your profitability and grow your business. Management reporting requires management accounting. Management Accounting delivers financial intelligence to help make data driven business decisions. For our clients management accounting usually means project accounting and people accounting.