Lynbrook - Cloud CFO Accounting and Financial Management Services

Our 5 Core Values



1. Complete Customer Focus

2. Integrity and always doing the right thing

3. Value and respect for people

4. Relentless pursuit of excellence

5. Accountability



How we began

LynbrookFS was established in 2008, after a few consultants identified gaps where several small business owners couldn’t afford hiring a full-time CFO but required their expertise to analyze financial data. These consultants quickly recognized a major cost saving opportunity for these businesses. After explaining this opportunity to a small business owner, he asked how his business could benefit when a CPA firm reviewed his company’s financials on an annual basis. Our answer was simple. While CPA’s can study financial records, prepare tax forms, and oversee audits; they aren’t focusing on critical questions, such as, “How can profit margin be increased?” Traditional accountants tend to take a reactive approach after historical data has been reviewed. Despite this invaluable service, their not looking for ways to drive businesses forward. LynbrookFS focuses on disciplines and strategies business owners can implement now, rather than solely focusing on past results.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: about 20% of small businesses fail within their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail before their fifth year. Although we don’t have a breakdown of why all these businesses fail, we do know financial data plays a critical part of a business. Financial data explains the overall health of an organization, and can be used to effectively forecast future needs. Understanding and utilizing this data will enable businesses to reach their financial goals and objectives.

At LynbrookFS, we recognize many businesses aren’t getting the financial services needed to become more nimble and profitable. It is our quest to provide the same level of financial expertise and guidance offered by larger organizations with staffed CFO's.