How is LynbrookFS Helping to Fight Against the COVID-19


Americans are stepping up to do what they can to fight the virus and help those on the front lines.

While the majority of US citizens have been engaging in social distancing practices in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, many others are finding different ways to help, from encouraging people to donate misused masks or sewing them themselves to asking people to support charities as remote volunteers.

As a result, Americans have formed a volunteer army of sorts that’s aim is to assist the country in its fight against coronavirus.

With supplies of masks at a critical low in hospitals around the country, the Halifax Health Medical Center has turned to the public for help in creating new masks.

LynbrookFS is always helping the people in need in our community and now once again we are offering people in the surrounding community area kits that include materials to create 250 masks aiming to recollect 30.000 masks to deliver them to the Halifax Hospital caregivers,

“We need to act now to ensure caregivers have the isolation masks they need to do their jobs safely, Anyone with a willing heart and the ability to sew can help us protect our caregivers by sewing masks they can wear on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19."


The hospital isn’t alone in its call for help, as many others have turned to social media to request that those who know how to sew create masks for hospital staff, and LynbrookFS will always be there to help on whatever is needed.


Published on 4/25/2020 (358 days ago)