3 Ways The Cloud Supports Small And Mid-Size Business


LynbrookFS | Raul Checa | Sep 11, 2020

In today's world it's well known the market is becoming more competitive for start up companies, small and mid-size companies need every advantage they can get to thrive. Clients trends reflect that customers demand high-impact, relevant and personalized experiences with the business they support, whether its smaller or bigger. All this will add more pressure on small and mid-size companies to review their operations to keep up with businesses’ deliveries. This could be expensive and might not align with every business growth.

With the new technology we have today providing more possibilities for small and mid-size companies to streamline their operations in order to satisfy todays customers without risking much. This is where the cloud computing technology takes over, accessible to all business small medium and large, with large variety of applications, here are different ways this technology can help your small and mid-size business and why LynbrookFS is your perfect business partner.


Remote Working

A permanent characteristic of the digital era is remote working. It improves employee’s philosophy of work, increases productivity and expands the business bottom line. With the need of only a few employees in the office, you can save on electricity, phone bills, the internet. Working on the cloud means working a practical and achievable goal. Collaborating in real time, project management or conferencing into meetings, there is a large variety of tools available to keep your business running efficiently even if employees are on the other side of the world.  


Cloud Backups

Backups are becoming more necessary for businesses to avoid the reputational and financial loss within the data disasters. If you are storing all your data in hard drives there will be no need for having electronic copies of paper documents like in the old times, the first step unto a big disaster recovery strategy is having a cloud backup on a secure server in addition to the local electronic and hard copies you already have. By having a consistent archiving system, you would be able to differentiate yourself as a small and mid-size company and customers will be more willing to do business with you. The cloud is the solution to help you.


Cloud Accounting

Small and mid-size companies will have a large variety of benefits from cloud accounting. The most important one, you´ll need a minimal setup on your business, so you can start taking advantage of it right from the very beginning. And this is only the beginning as you will beneficiate from it as its more cost-effective compared with desktop accounting software, which requires a strong upfront payment instead of a small monthly fee renewable subscription every year. Accessible and secure from any device and from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity, as simple as that. Plus, cloud accounting is designed to be easy to use so no more stress about spreadsheets anymore as they are the past.


Cloud accounting with LynbrookFS

LynbrookFS a cloud accounting company with a large number of accounting specialists with the perfect tools to enable your business make practical sense in financial management optimizing your operations.  Quickbooks, AppFolio, Buildium, Yardi, TOPS, MRI, EPICOR, ClearBooks and many more ideal accounting software personalized to your company needs with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

LynbrookFS also offers you our expert training and support from our experienced accounting team to help you grow your business sustainably by leveraging digitization and technology.


For more information about our cloud accounting solutions and support offering, get in touch with us and book your meeting today (407) 385-0687 – email: Info@lynbrookfs.com or visit us on www.lynbrookfs.com


Published on 9/15/2020 (215 days ago)